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About Us

Quash Global Media is a luxury goods company established in 2018 by businesswoman and entrepreneur Deborah Quash.

Through it's various divisions produces and sells the Metamorphosis Collection, Leather Goods, Cosmetics and The TravelGirl Collection. Quash Global Media services includes Events Management Branding Cooperative Strategic Planning Regional National and Global Conferences.

· Empowering Originality – we create authentic designs  for our         clients I am independent designer my design expression embodies all   individuals.

· Innovation – we commit to innovation and technology in all initiatives.

· Best Customer Experience – trust  is the cornerstone of success we   take care of our clients  

May 30th 2019 Quash Global Media launches the Metamorphosis Collection at the Ritz-Carlton Chicago

The Quash Philosophy

We succeed because we invest in our clients, stakeholders, our employees and the environment by offering the best of the best.

Deborah Quash

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